Android Bible Apps

204px-android_robot-svgI’ve finally joined the world of smartphone users, and I’d like to get a Bible App. However I’ve noticed most of the reviews on the Google play store don’t really review the app, they reflect the posters feelings about the Bible, which is a completely different discussion.

I’m looking for an app that does two things.
The first is to start up and find a reference fast.
The second is to support me in reading through the Bible in a year in chronological order. Being able to rest my eyes while listening to somebody else read it would be a nice bonus.

Can one app do both or will I need 2 different apps?

I’m going to work my way through all the bible apps I can find, and score them on three areas:
Technical: How much memory does it use? Can it use SD card storage? Does it need lots of permissions like accessing GPS and camera?
Search: How many interactions does it need to locate a particular passage?
Reading: Does it have daily plans? Also I read the Bible because I want to and not because I feel I have to, so I don’t want obnoxious nagging if miss a day occasionally. Also I’m not interested in the 1611 Authorised Version known as King James. Even if you believe it was a brilliant translation in its day (which I would respectfully disagree with) its day was over 400 years ago, which to me makes it like a foreign language version. So how well does the app support modern translations? And finally can it turn off verse numbers, cross references, and other study apparatus? I do sometimes want to study things in depth, look up textual variants, definitions of Greek and Hebrew words, check commentaries and cross references and so on. But I don’t expect to do that on my phone with its dinky little screen.


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